Exotic Strains

We searched the world for quality hemp genetics and bred them in-house to create the finest selection of high-CBD cultivars possible. Each of our strains is unique and cannot be found anywhere else.

METRC Certified

Our farm is certified through METRC. This guarantees that our pesticide, fungal, herbicide, and potency testing is being done at a state-certified, third party facility assuring accurate results.

Small Batch, Boutique Style Flower

All of our flower is grown on three acres, making it manageable for our team to give the proper care and attention to each individual plant.

Colorado Grown

Our entire operation, from seed to packaging, takes place on our farm in Montrose, Colorado. With 300+ days of sunshine, our plants are able to get the full benefits the sun has to offer.

Quality Controlled

Throughout our entire season and process, each plant and bud is carefully quality controlled. If it is not up to our standards, it is not sent out for sale. It’s that simple.